Why Go Raw?
Let's answer this question with a question.
What would your cat eat in the wild?

Leaves, nuts, berries, roots? Nope. I don't think so. Did you know cats don't even have the enzymes to break down carbohydrates?

They would eat mice, bunnies, perhaps a stray chicken, a squirrel, etc. And it's quite unlikely your kitty would capture their chicken, fillet off the 'healthy' white meat only, build a toasty bonfire, cook it until the pink was all gone, and only THEN, nibble away. Ha!

No way man! Your kitty would devour that lil chicken sushi style! RAW... white meat AND dark meat... organs and bone. WHAT... BONE?!?! Yes my dear, bone. Tearing through the meat, tendons, and gnawing on bone is how a cat maintains naturally healthy teeth and gums, and receive adequate calcium intake.

Consuming the whole animal provides 110% of your kitties necessary vitamins, minerals, and shockingly, even water intake. Once you start feeding your cat raw food, you may find they stop drinking from their water dish, and yet actually pee more than before. That is because raw meat has a naturally high content of water. Nature doesn't skimp when preparing a perfectly packaged, complete in every-way meal, for their beloved carnivores (ps... in case you missed this fact in 3rd grade science class... cat=carnivore.)

I could also go on and on about the fillers, toxins, GMO's, pesticides, preservatives, etc. that exist in most store bought cat food... but I will let you do your own research. It's not tough to find. Ever wonder why so many cats (and dogs) have obesity, diabetes, and cancer issues? This was not the case 50, 25, even 10 years ago.

Two more comments and then I will send you off to explore some links below, where there are real experts (I am merely a fan) of raw pet food. If you're feeling squeamish about salmonella, understand that the cat's digestive track is far different than a human's. It is shorter and has more intense stomach enzymes/acids to keep a cat from ever getting sick from something like salmonella.

My last is a personal kitty story. When I adopted one of my cats from the humane society, his adoption papers said he had a sensitive belly. During the 1st 2 months he suffered from constant loose stools and regular gas. After a cycle of vet visits and dry food diet changes, I eventually learned of the benefits of a raw diet for pets. The very first stool after giving him raw was 100% normal. He has now had raw for over a year, and has had normal stools ever since. Not only normal, but dry (easy to clean in case of an 'accident') and virtually smell free!

Ok, interested? Learn more at any of the links below! And good luck!


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